The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome

As exam boards will be starting soon I thought this might be interesting to some of the CPPE. The research (possibly a joke) shows that “when no exam is imminent the family death rate per 100 students(FDR) is low and is not related to the student’s grade in the class. The effect of an upcoming exam is unambiguous. The mean FDR jumps from 0.054 with no exam, to 0.574 with a mid-term, and to 1.042 with a final, representing increases of 10 fold and 19 fold respectively. … the changes are strongly grade dependent, with correlation coefficients of 0.974 for mid-terms and 0.988 for finals. Overall, a student who is failing a class and has a final coming up is more than 50 times more likely to lose a family member than an a student not facing any exams”.  Surely, exams need a health warning!

One thought on “The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome

  1. Thanks for this, Rob. Very interesting reading. I do particularly like this bit:

    “Have students lie to their families. Students must never let any of their
    relatives know that they are at university.”

    Education can certainly be a shameful thing…


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