Taste the bush

I love a pun as much as the next man but this is really, really, really terrible. For a start the ad is like something from the Apprentice – including the acting – and the “pay-off” is just awful.

I’m not convinced this conforms to the CAP Code. But again I just can’t help but picture the meeting where they sold this to their client:

Account exe: “What image does Premier Wines want to project to the world?”

Brand manager: “That we supply high quality wines at a reasonable price to take your taste buds on a journey”.

Account exe: “Or… we could go with a bullshit pun about oral sex.”

Brand manager: “Oh right and what will that do?”

Account exe: “It’ll stand a much better chance of going viral especially if we get a model to pose in a skin tone dress so it looks a bit like she’s naked if you watch it on a mobile?”

Brand manager: “And bloggers will write about it on Tiwtter? That’s meant to be good marketing.”

Account exe: ‘Yes, bloggers will write about it. They’ll say how funny and daring it is”.

And you know what, they were part right. I’ve written about it. But it’s not daring or funny. It’s rubbish.

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