Responsible Management Education 3.0

We’ve just published our third report to the United Nations Principle of Responsible Management Education (PRME) Initiative. Fabian Frenzel, PRME Officer and Lecturer in the Political Economy of Organisation, explains why.

The Leicester Model emphasises an interdisciplinary, holistic and critical view upon management education. Our research, teaching and public engagement agendas attempt to expand the academic and practical meaning of management by de-centring the mainstream curriculum’s conventional focus upon large scale for-profit organisations. For almost a decade now, we at the School have shared PRME’s desire to both contribute towards and help formulate a world which is characterised less by managerial scandals and more by equitable and sustainable ways of living together.  We’re delighted to be able to keep this relationship going.

Since our last report we have increased our engagement with PRME significantly. The major new commitment is for us to have established an academic lead on PRME matters – yours truly. I’ve been keeping myself busy both within and beyond the University, as the most recent report indicates.

I’ve been involved in overseeing the management of a research project concerning student perceptions of the state of management education here in the School. I’ve also played a part in developing more opportunities for co-operation between the School and university, particularly with the University’s Environmental Team. This relationship grants an important role to student engagement and participation. We can, for example, now boast of a recently piloted dissertation project, that aims to reduce waste in the library cafeteria. The student in question benefitted from funding made available by the environmental team through their new SEED Fund. In the near future, an additional series of student led sustainability projects will become better integrated into aspects of the School’s curriculum – the research dissertation in particular.

Beyond the University, we’ve continued helping businesses, labour unions and third sector organisations within the local community in their endeavours towards equitable and sustainable practices. The report, for example, detailsthe cooperation between Matthew Higgins and the Leicester charity Giving World. I’ve also been able to do a lot more work within the PRME community, both globally and in the context of the regional UK-Ireland chapter. I’ve played a hand in the action group on poverty reduction, for example, as well as participating within and contributing towards the group’s regular meetings.

For more information on the School’s commitments to PRME, please have a look at the report: it both details the many initiatives we’ve been involved in while, I hope, also helping spur more collaboration into emergence.

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