Resistance at the airport and 305 people are dismissed…

Nowadays, there is an ongoing protest at the busiest airport of Turkey. The issue is to protect the right to strike as airline employees. Some of the Turkish Airlines employees who were organized under a trade union had protested the potential change in the laws and regulations about banning the right to strike for airlines employees. The law is approved at the parliment by the impact of the majority government party, and following the enactment of the law, immediately 305 employees are dismissed by the management. They are still trying to maintain their protest at the airport, but it is mentioned that to be at the airport is also forbidden.

I put aside the arguments regarding the democratization of Turkey which is another discussion whether conservatives might bring much more democracy. My concern is about why this seemingly recent protest reminds us the old story. I totally respect to resistance and protest of airlines employees, and I totally support the constitutional right to strike, however I cannot escape why we know about the end of this struggle from the beginning. There might be easy answers regarding the impact of being organized under a trade union as employees, but my concern is about why not this time there would not be any change as was in the history. Or why again the same dissapointing result of dismissing 305 people.

These people who are dismissed are well educated and they are also valuable for Turkish Airlines, and they used to have a constitutional base but now they do not have a job and it is obivous they need support. I also know people personally they feel that they have to work and they are avoiding to be part of such protests. Then, here comes the question? How should these people defend their right? By losing their jobs, by sacrificing some amount of people for the majority?

In the end, we may come up to the point of thinking Althusser regarding laws and regulations as the ideological apparatus, and we might also remember Steinbeck (in dubious battle), however we cannot come to a point for further alternative ways of organizing the struggle whilst remembering the occupy movements. To act altogether or to lose altogether is the dilemma standing in front of us, and I wonder about possible alternatives how to include such employees for such a struggle. The rigid position of protesting in a developing country is another complexity required to be considered. Thus, how should we think of transformative ways of protesting and resistance even the laws are against the basic rights?

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