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mdr-logo-newObviously there’s been much talk about “open access” recently, mostly in context of academic and scholarly articles. But it’s also worth mentioning texts and other materials associated with political and social movements. In particular May Day Rooms which will soon open at 88 Fleet Street, above a pawn broker and opposite Goldman Sachs: MDR describes itself as,

a safe house for vulnerable archives and historical material linked to social movements, experimental culture, and marginalised figures and groups. A site for gathering, holding, and animating documents and idioms of dissent which continue to offer a critically productive and emancipatory relation to the turbulent present. It is geographically located in Central London, but linked in collaboration, inspiration and practice with an international gathering of common and concurrent initiatives.

I’ve just attended a series of three events, Round About Midnight, organised by MDR but actually at the Marx Memorial Library in nearby Clerkenwell, featuring Peter Linebaugh, Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis. (George, of course, is a recent CPPE “thinking with a superstar” guest, and hopefully Silvia will join us later this year.) Over three days these three scholar-activists “opened the boxes”, handing over personal material to the care of the MDR archive, and explaining — in long, sometimes rambling, but never boring discussions lasting upwards of 12 hours — how the particular organisations or groupings related to their wider context. First Peter “opening the box” on Zerowork. Next up Silva presented Wages for Housework. Finally George (with many interventions from Silvia) talked about the Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa. The discussions ranged from the Warwick “crime group” centred on Edward Thompson to the New England Prisoners Association, to anti-colonial struggles and Black Power, to the women’s movement, to Italian operaismo and autonomia, to the journal Midnight Notes, to energy and the anti-nuke movement, and into the nearer present with the anti-globalisation movement.

MDR will make this material publicly available as soon as it can, in digital format if possible. Don’t expect to have to negotiate paywalls!


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