Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies

I’ve just been asked to become one of the editors of the Journal Of Critical Globalisation Studies.  It’s been around for five years, one issue a year, and has been chiefly aimed at/drawing from the IR/IPE community.  The aim now is to increase the regularity (initially to two a year) and to diversify the disciplinary content to include such glories as, yes, you guessed it, critical management theory.

So, I will be pestering you all for articles, essays and, in particular, special issues on exciting globalisation-related themes.  I hope the journal will develop into an obvious place for CPPE types to publish.

JCGS is properly peer-reviewed, and is fully open access.  None of this ‘green/gold’ crapola: it’s open, free and online for anyone to download. One of the aims of the editorial team, in fact, is to propmote the journal as a model of what ‘real’ open access looks like while the publishers flail about trying to protect their paywalls and profits.

Looking forward to hearing from you…….

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