Incidental Reading Group: Being and Time

The purpose of this post is to invite interested parties to an incidental reading group that some of us are currently discussing.

The plan, as it is, would be to meet fortnightly to discuss Heidegger’s Being and Time. Meetings would likely be held in Leicester, possibly at a pub and possibly on a Friday evening. Plans are all very sketchy at the moment but will be firmed up when a group of participants is established. Vague plans currently include either Friday 7th September at 6pm, or Saturday 8th September at lunchtime, as possible start dates for the project.

Once we have an idea on numbers and interested parties, the group will arrange a date between us for starting the project. In the absence of a group consensus, I’d suggest we go for either of the dates suggested above (7/8 Sep) and then take it from there.

As for reading targets for the first meeting, I propose we read to the end of Introduction section I (which is page 35 of the Macquarrie and Robinson translated edition). It is m hope that the group will then establish reading targets for future sessions.

If you are interested in reading Heidegger with us, and meeting fortnightly in Leicester to discuss, please register your interest with Ken Weir ( or reply below to this post.

Have a good weekend,


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