Hard Cash Event – Brief Report

The first Hard Cash event took place during the week, structured along the lines which the book will be eventually structured. That is to say, we had a session on Art and Money, a session on Psychology and Money, a session on Political Economy and Money, and a session on Philosophy and Money.

Rather than running the event in terms of individual author presentations, sessions were instead co-ordinated around a series of interventions, much like had been the case with the Stengers, Caffentzis and Plotnitsky events. Some of these interventions were made off-site, via Skype, others were made through presentation aids, and others still were improvised on the basis of where the discussions were going. In all cases, the emphasis was upon asking would-be contributors to let us know what they proposed to do within their eventual contributions. A small audience therefore engaged in a series of quality discussions which bodes well for the future of the project. A link to my presentation can be found here. Further updates from individual authors in particular, and on the project in general, will be posted, as always, to this blog.

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