Gerard Hanlon’s Visit – Labour and Value within and against Marxism?

On the 25th and 26th of January Gerry Hanlon re-visited Leicester’s CPPE, one of his former stomping grounds, and treated two jam packed seminar rooms to a pair of challenging examples of what they had been missing since he left. One of the projects Gerry was engaged with when he was still in Leicester was the sort of thing which could (and did) get him into a spot of bother at that time (c. 2004-5), namely, an insistence upon a reading of Marx and Hayek, alongside one another, in terms of their epistemological parallels!

Traces of that project have thankfully persisted.

The project Gerry left Leicester with doesn’t look quite so controversial now, in no small part thanks to the fact that Foucault’s Lectures on Bio-Politics, themselves one of the protagonists for Hanlon’s own Inaugural Lecture at Queen Mary’s, have been translated into English. Hanlon’s abiding refusal to divide economic traditions along ideologically essentialist lines holds much more traction in today’s seminar room which has had to acquaint itself with the detail of Foucault’s economic forays through Edinburgh, London, Vienna and Chicago. Evidence for the overcoming of the “post-structuralism = anti-Marxism” fallacy, which the translation of Foucault’s late-1970s lectures has contributed towards, has opened up yet another space for debates about the relationship between philosophy, politics and economics. This is a space where Gerry was already thinking when he left us. It is also the space where his work is still located, albeit now much elaborated.

Details of both sessions run by Gerry can be found below. The full papers are available on request. I’ll leave it to others to discuss the event and its details, with (or without) the above notes of contextualisation in mind.


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