This year the Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy will celebrate its 10th birthday. Launched in October 2003 the CPPE has opened up and sustained a space in the university, but not accountable to the university, in which to explore questions of philosophy, political economy, their intersection and their critique (see http://tinyurl.com/cppe-position-document for more details). Over this decade, the CPPE has organised over 13 conferences and numerous workshops, seminars and public lectures. We have hosted a range of speakers and invited contributions from academics, activists and thinkers from around the world.

To celebrate our anniversary, we are have invited the 200-plus people who have addressed the CPPE in one form or another to participate in a conference in Leicester.  We are planning the conference for the second week of December 2013.  At this stage, we are keeping the conference’s themes and content open. Our intention is to shape the conference according to the responses and proposals we receive. So, if you’ve been involved with the CPPE over the years but have been missed out of the initial invitations please let us know if you are interested in attending this CPPE@10 conference and, if so, what you might be interested in presenting.

Once we have an idea of the interest from the CPPE’s past, we will begin advertising for our future.  We hope to begin pulling together ideas – from which the conference’s themes will emerge – towards the beginning of April.  At this point we will promote the conference more widely and invite contributions from the wider community.

Already, the event is promising to be lively, eclectic and inspiring.  Mark it in your diary.

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