Call for ‘Hard Cash’ proposals

Further to the email that has been round the CPPE list, here is a call for proposals/submissions* for the edited book ‘Hard Cash’ that myself and Stephen Dunne will be compiling over the next few months: 

 Hard Cash Invite

As you’ll see from the attached file, we’re planning to kick the whole thing off formally in the Autumn with a CPPE-hosted workshop at ULSM at which those participating can outline what they intend for their contribution, play with ideas, get feedback and/or snarf the biscuits.

In addition to putting this on the blog. we’ll also be targeting particular individuals that we might want to encourage to contribute.  If anyone knows of anyone doing deeply funky money-related stuff that we might not already know about, please let us know and we’ll get on to them.  We have a few names already, but more are very welcome. 

Angus and Stephen

* the Chapter titles included in the call have all been proposed already, but are at varying stages of development – hence we have anonymised them.  They’re just here for guidance.  And yes, we’ve cleaned at least one of them up a bit so that no “members” get put off by vulgarity.  We know how sensitive you all are…..

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