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In our ‘toxic’ paper ( ) claiming a lack of interest in OS regarding Anthropogenic Global Warming we counted relevant papers in a sample of mainstream organisation studies journals, both orthodox and critical. By ‘mainstream’ we mean journals without a specific focus on environment, climate change, etc. – relevant to our theme because we were arguing that AGW ought to be a mainstream concern. We have since updated our original imprecise survey by looking at 2012 in our chosen journals –ASQ, JMS, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Organization, ephemera. These were selected as representing a cross section of organisation studies, from the generally functionalist/managerialist approaches, through relatively neutral and soft critical ones, to the hard critical approach.
In 2012 Organization Studies and ephemera each had relevant special issues on climate change, Human Relations published one paper. ASQ, JMS and Organization did not publish any.
In total there were c. 243 main articles during 2012 in our selected journals, of which 15, or c.6%, were concerned with climate change. However, not all address anthropogenic driven change, i.e. change we have caused and which we could do something about if we act quickly. Is this a sufficient level of interest in a problem so important and to which OS should be so relevant?

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